Catalog Information

Our online catalog is a static Excel file that is updated periodically. Posted prices are for reference only and are subject to change due to average costing at time of purchase.

Restricted Catalog Numbers

95% & 100% Ethyl Alcohol:

Although 95% and 100% Ethyl Alcohol are listed in the Biochem Stores catalog, catalog numbers 1004521, 1004522, & 1004523, because of governmental taxation and other restrictive governmental regulations, they are only stocked by Biochem Stores so they may be dispensed to departments of the university. Therefore if you need to purchase either of these items they must be put on a university MFK.

Gas Cylinders:

Gas Cylinders are currently only available through Linde (formerly known as Praxair). If you need assistance with getting set up to purchase cylinders, please contact them at: 319-363-2156


Inventory Catalog     Catalog 2/1/2024

Abbreviations Used in Catalog

Many times we use abbreviations in our Inventory Catalog listing. Three types of abbreviations are commonly used: companies, plastic resins, and for simple utilitarian uses such as saving space.

Listed below is quick reference of the abbreviations we use:

Fisher Scientific F/S
VWR Scientific VWR
Life Technologies BRL
Sigma Chemical SIG
Amresco AMR
Roche Diagnostics Boehringer BMB
Baker Chemical JTB
IBI Molecular Reagents IBI
Research Products International RPI
Mallinckrodt Chemicals MAL
EM Science EM
Burdick & Jackson BJ
FMC Bioproducts FMC
Bio-Rad Laboratories BIO
Beckman-Coulter BEC
Corning Science Products CORN
Nalgene Nunc International NAL
New England Nuclear NEN
Midwest Scientifc MDW
Falcon Labware FAL
Dot Scientific DOT
Continental Lab Products CLP
Intermountain Scientific ISC
Sarstedt SAR
USA Scientific Plastics USA
Surgipath SURG
Gelman Sciences GEL
Millipore MILL
Schleicher & Schuell S&S

Polypropylene PP
Polystyrene PS
Polycarbonate PC
Polymethylpentane PMP
Polyvinyl Chloride PVP
Polyethylene PE
Polyallomer PA
High-Density Polyethylene HDPE
High-Density Polyethylene LDE
Cellulose Acetate CA
Cellulose Nitrate CN
Polyestersulfone PES
Polyvinylidene Fluoride PVDF
Polysulfone PSF
Teflon TEF
Nitrocellulose NC
Nylon NYL

Screw Cap S/C
Size SZ
Tissue Culture Treated T/C
Flat Bottom FB
Round Bottom RB
Narrow Mouth N/M
Wide Mouth W/M
Stainless Steel S/S
Disposable DISP
Straight Neck SN
Canted Neck CN
Standard Taper Stopper     S/T
Tapered Stopper T/S
Inside Diameter ID
Outside Diameter OD
Lightly Powdered L/P
Non-Powdered N/P
Graduations GRAD
Centrifuge CENT.