Who We Serve

Biochem Stores is a part of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department of the College of Medicine at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. As a research supply storeroom we are available to serve all U of I research laboratory units, units of the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, U of I students, the nearby Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and any other facilities having funding through the University of Iowa.

Our Mission

We at Biochem Stores endeavor to stock a broad range of research chemicals, labware, glassware, expendables, and other necessary research supplies, and to use our purchasing experience and high sales volume to negotiate the purchase of the highest quality inventory at the lowest possible prices, and dispense on a walk-in basis, in a quick and efficient manner.

What We Do

  • We purchase both our own inventory and requested special order items for our customers, from the vendors with whom we have standing purchase orders.
  • We dispense our inventory to walk-in customers in a full-service manner, and Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen, and Biohazard containers on a self-serve basis.
  • We advise our customers on the quality and the types of products and chemicals that they require. Similarly, on where to find and how to purchase items that we do not currently stock based on price, quality, and availability of the item required.
  • We assist our customers in obtaining hard to find or out of stock items through the vendors with whom we purchase, or through other University laboratories if an emergency need arises.
  • We develop or modify laboratory apparatuses to customer specifications with the materials available in our inventory.
  • We keep abreast of current trends in scientific research so we may stock and offer the supplies required by our customers.

How You Benefit

1) Cost Savings- Our large purchasing volume allows us the bargaining power necessary to negotiate lower prices and, in most instances, to purchase at significant discounts from the list price. Most of our vendor contracts have predetermined pricing discounts even for items we do not currently stock, and the vendor pays shipping costs.

2) Time Savings- Un-stocked special order items can be ordered at a discount and are frequently delivered, before they could be ordered through purchasing. We can place orders with most of our vendors within a day or two and receive delivery as soon as overnight to four days depending on the vendor, the method of shipment, and the required urgency of the items ordered.

3) Convenience- Most research supplies you require can be purchased from Biochem Stores by simply walking in. If we do not currently stock what you need, let us know what the item is. If you will be using a sufficient quantity or we determine that there should be adequate demand, we may be able to add that item to our inventory.

4) Minimize Shipping, Hazardous, & other Misc. Charges- Our contracts with vendors, and our bulk ordering, frequently eliminates all types of misc. charges. In contrast, most items ordered by you, will incur charges such as shipping charges, hazardous materials fees, etc. Frequently, these charges are not seen by you the end user or the individual placing the order. They do however, end up on the invoice received by the University and are charged against your account.

5) Problem Resolution- Our large orders and frequent purchasing allow us to develop a partnership style relationship with most of our vendors and/or their representatives. This in turn gives us the ability to assist our customer toward achieving satisfactory problem resolution when a customer has received a defective or unsatisfactory product.

 6) Knowledge & Experience- With our long periods of personal service with Biochem Stores, we are able to use our accumulated knowledge and experience to choose the highest quality products for our inventory, to purchase them at the best possible price, and to pass these advantages on to you our customer.